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      孔子学院工作处 发布于: 2018-12-25 15:37:30


          办公时间:周一 13:00-16:00; 周四 15:00-18:00; 周五13:00-16:00.


          E-mail: csiko.anna@konfuciusz.elte.hu



          Are you interested in studying abroad? Would you like to experience the exciting life of the international students\\\' at Hungary\\\'s oldest and most important university? Would you like to explore the beautiful capital city of Hungary? If you are so, you are welcome at the Beijing Center of the Etvs Loránd University. Brochures of the BA, MA and PhD programmes in Chinese now available at the office.

          Opening Hours: Monday 13.00-16.00, Thursday 15.00-18.00, Friday 13.00-16.00

          Address: BFSU School of Chinese Language and Literature, 2nd floor 210

          E-mail: csiko.anna@konfuciusz.elte.hu

          Phone: 18201062787

          More information about the Etvs Loránd University, the programmes of the university, scholarships, the application process, etc.: https://www.elte.hu/en/ Follow us on Instagram: @ELTE_official Follow is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elte.megeri/